RMC Polska buys and sells both ferrous and non-ferrous metals at competitive prices throughout Poland and the European Union.

as a final result, we managed to establish contacts with numerous smelters, foundries and recyclers. This diversity allows us to negotiate the best scrap prices for us and our customers. Thanks to the highest quality of our scrap, we are regularly able to fullfil  the strict standards of each recipient, without worrying about returns and complaints.

Thanks to the experience, and high level skills of our staff, we are following up to date with the latest trends in the constantly changing metal markets.  That’s allows us to react on an ongoing basis and even anticipate changes on the market, and thus to inform our regular business partners about them.

We provide advice and share our experience in the management of scrap purchases, purchases of waste paper and plastics, and to all recyclers

For any questions regarding to a transit sales, please contact our sales department