Brass purchase

We buy all types of scrap brass

At RMC Polska sp. z o.o., we buy brass scrap in all forms and quantities. This is one of the core activities of our company.

Our brass scrap suppliers are mainly scrap collectors, manufacturing companies and private individuals.

Brass is a copper-zinc alloy with a yellow-orange colour. It belongs to the group of non-ferrous metals and its colour depends on the copper content of the alloy.

We use several grades of material in the purchase of brass:

yellow brass

Yellow brass

Yellow brass is a copper-zinc alloy. The copper content of the alloy is min 58%.
In addition to copper and zinc brasses, alloying additives such as tin, aluminium, manganese, iron, silicon and nickel. Brass scrap must be free of metallic and non-metallic impurities. metallic and non-metallic impurities. Material painted with paint.

brass poblanite

Whitened brass

Whitened brass is yellow brass with a coating of chrome or nickel. This type of brass is mainly used in the manufacture of fittings and for ornaments and decorative elements. Whitened brass can have different levels of purity, which affects its quality and strength. Higher quality means that it is more resistant to abrasion and colour loss.

Scrap brass purchase - price

To be able to offer the highest price for brass we have the spectrometer needed to test the Cu content of the alloy.

The price of brass at the scrap yard depends on the copper price on the LME (London Metal Exchange), the euro exchange rate, the copper content of the alloy and the market situation. When more scrap is delivered, the price offered for the material is higher.
Thanks to the scale of our business and the large volumes in brass procurement, we can offer one of the highest prices on the market.

The price list for scrap brass can change up to several times a day. To check the current purchase price of brass call our salesman.

Brass - curiosities

Tombak is copper alloys with zinc at the 5-20% level. Tombak appearance imitates gold and is used to manufacture artistic and jewellery items. artistic and jewellery items.
It first appeared in Roman times. It is said that brass was first made by the Mossines, one of the peoples in Asia Minor, who fused copper with a mixture of zinc carbonate and zinc silicate - an ore known today as gallium.
During the time of the Roman Empire, brass coins were minted in the area of present-day Turkey and very quickly entered circulation throughout the Empire.