Buying plastics

We buy and recycle

We buy/recycle film waste including LDPE, PP, PE, HDPE. We collect waste from shops and wholesalers, plants and enterprises in Legnica and the surrounding area.

We issue waste transfer notes. On request, we provide confirmation of recovery and recycling (DPO, DPR).

Types of plastics:

Where can you find us?

We carry out our purchase at the Legnica branch located in Kunice.
We also collect waste paper with our own transport at the customer's request.
Buying plastic

Plastics - interesting facts

The plastic type PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is widely used in the manufacture of beverage bottles. It can be repeatedly recycled and used to make new bottles.
Many products are now made from recycled plastics, including clothing, bags and furniture.
Polyethylene and polypropylene are the the two most commonly recycled types of plastic. They are used for packaging, plastic bags and other products.