Buying tool steel

We buy tool steel

In addition to non-ferrous metals, RMC Polska Sp. z o.o. also buys tool steel.

High-speed steel scrap is a set of tool steel alloys. Alloy steels were so named because of their ability to cut materials (e.g. metals) faster than the traditional high-carbon steels previously used in cutting tools. These steels have excellent hardness, wear resistance and resistance to softening at high temperatures.

We buy scrap tool steel mainly from scrap yards
and non-ferrous metals, from companies in the industrial sectors
and in particular in the areas of machining, measuring tool manufacture and professional tools.

Thanks to our cooperation with major alloy steel manufacturers, we can offer you the best prices for buying tool steel.

We buy:

purchase of tool steel

High speed steel (HSS)

scrap from used
lathe knives, cutters, drills
The following chemical composition is defined for the above: C 0.75-1.4% W to 18%, Mo to 10%, V to 4%, Co to 10%. Example grades: SW7M; SW18.
tool steel purchase


scrapped cutting elements
(form of triangle, square, etc.).
Carbide is a tool material obtained by powder metallurgy methods from metal carbides. They are very hard and wear-resistant.

Tool steel - interesting facts

Tool steel can be recycled many times without losing any of its properties.
Recycling 1 tonne of high-speed steel saves 642 kWh of energy and 1.8 barrels of oil.