Purchase of electric motors

We buy electric motors

In addition to non-ferrous metals, RMC Polska Sp. z o.o. also buys and sells electric motors.

Every machine and electrical appliance contains an electric motor incorporating aluminium and copper windings.

When buying electric motors and valuing them, the price of copper and aluminium on the LME (London Metal Exchange), their weight, the type of winding, the euro exchange rate and the current market situation are relevant.

We divide scrap electric motors according to their size and type of winding

Types of electric motors:

Electric motor - a curiosity

The first working electric motor was built and patented in 1837 in the USA. Its inventor, Thomas Davenport, had already built his first DC motor in 1834 and used it to drive an electric toy train that ran on a circular track. The 1837 motor was equipped with an electromagnet and reached a speed of 450 revolutions per minute, and the designer used it to drive a drill and a wood lathe. A little later, Davenport built an even larger engine to provide the operation of a rotary printing press, on which he began printing the first magazine devoted to electricity in the USA.