Purchase of copper and aluminium granules

Professional purchase of pellets
copper and aluminium

We guarantee the highest purchase prices for pellets based on current LME copper and aluminium quotations and the actual metal content of the delivered pellets.

We have a laboratory where we test the purity of the supplied material using the weight/spectral method, which allows us to precisely determine the amount of copper/aluminium in the supplied material.

We use an XRF X-ray spectrometer and an induction furnace for the analysis and melting of the pellets.

We buy:

purchase of aluminium granulate

Aluminium granules

with a minimum purity of 98.5%
purchase of copper granulate

Copper granules

with a minimum purity of 30%
(plastic content max 5%)

Copper granulate purchasing offer

RMC Polska purchases copper scrap in the form of pellets in all forms and purities (min 30% Cu).

Copper granulate is a material derived from recycled copper cables. We also find aluminium granulate on the market from recycled aluminium cables.

Suppliers of metal granules are companies that buy copper and aluminium cables.

When buying copper pellets, we price the material according to its purity and type of impurities.

When assessing the value of copper granules, we pay particular attention to:

In order to be able to offer the best price for the waste pellets, we test them in our laboratory. We use an induction furnace, a spectrometer and a weighing dryer to test the delivered material.

We are able to purchase any quantity of pellets.

Copper granules - interesting facts

Cu granules are often used by foundries as a substitute for cathode or Cu grubs.
Specialised recyclers are able to obtain granulate of a purity comparable to electrolytic copper (cathode) - purity of 99.95%.