Waste management

RMC Recycling offers comprehensive waste management services tailored to the needs of its customers. We have developed our offer based on the experience we have gained, guaranteeing our customers a single waste management partner who will take care to minimise the costs of disposing of the waste generated within the company and maximise revenues from secondary raw materials.

What makes us different?

Individual approach

On the basis of an initial audit of the types and quantities of waste generated by the client, we propose a complete solution that meets your specific needs, which includes waste containers, sorting system, collection schedule, etc. Our experience in dealing with all industries combined with our innovative thinking and knowledge of your business allows us to design and implement an effective waste management system.

Tailored services

As part of our end-to-end solution, you will find services whose implementation promotes the implementation of an effective waste management system. Implementing our proposal allows you to optimise your resources: time, labour, finances.

Comprehensive solutions

We cover everything to do with waste management, from the design of waste management systems, collection, transport and recycling, to monitoring, reporting, consultancy and training. What's more, we are able to collect all types of waste from you, which makes the whole process easier as you only have one partner in this area and you only receive one invoice.

We supply companies with which we have cooperation agreements with the containers and bins necessary for storing waste.

containers - waste management

Open containers

The open containers are mainly used for waste such as steel scrap, non-ferrous metals and plastics. Container capacities range from 15m³ to 40m³.

lockable containers

Containers with lockable flap

Mainly used for waste paper, expensive non-ferrous metals and other waste that must remain dry. Container capacities from 15m³ to 40m³.

lockable containers with a draining board

Sealed containers with lapping

Mainly used for the storage of non-ferrous metal and steel shavings. The contained coolant is collected in a drip tray from which it is then drained into dedicated containers for this type of waste. Container capacities from 15m³ to 30m³

waste management

Metal containers

Metal containers find their use mainly for collecting all types of waste on production halls or for storing them outside. The containers are designed to be rotated in order to dump the contents. The containers can be closed or open.