As a RMC Recykling we offers comprehensive waste management services tailored to the needs of customers.

We have created our offer based on the years of experience wich has been gained day after day. We guaranteeing our customers one strong partner in the field of waste management, we offer partnership relations in wich we will take care of minimizing of your costs of disposal of waste generated in the enterprise and maximizing revenues from recyclable materials

our services of Comprehensive waste management  includes:

  • personal approach
  • Based of pre audit of the types and amounts of waste generated by the customer, we offer a final solution, for the specific needs of our costumers. Solutions includes; waste containers, a sorting system, a collection schedule, etc.
  • Our experience in servicing all industries, combined with innovative thinking and knowledge about company we work with, allows us to design and implement an effective waste management system.

Comprehensive solutions

  • We taking care of everything what is related to waste management, from designing waste management systems, through collection, transport and recycling, to monitoring, reporting, consulting and training. Moreover, we are able to collect all types of waste materials  from you, which facilitates the entire process.  Since you have only one partner in this field you receive just one invoice.

Services that suits your needs:

As part of our comprehensive solution, you will find services that the implementation supports an effective waste management system. The implementation of our offer allows you to optimize your resources like: time, work, finances.

  • Reliable valuation based on indices. We guarantee fair weighing and the price for collected waste determined on the basis of market guidelines,
  • Confident Pickup and drop-off service. We save your time and money. We advise on how to optimize the collection and transport your waste, flexible hours we suits to yours schedule
  • Container rental. We offer a full range of containers and bins as well as other types of waste containers
  • Professional marking
  • Sorting manual book

Our Motto is: Education and clear guidelines are essential for the efficient operation of the system.