Buying non-ferrous metals

We buy all types of
non-ferrous metals

At RMC Polska Sp. z o.o., we collect, sort and process a wide range of non-ferrous metals purchased from scrap yards, manufacturing companies, construction and demolition contractors, government agencies and the general public.

Our non-ferrous scrap metal buying and processing business has an impeccable reputation as one of the most honest and efficient companies in Poland.

We buy and sell all types of non-ferrous metals and in particular: aluminium (including granules), copper (including granules), brass, stainless steel, lead, zinc, catalysts and special alloys and electric motors, alternators, starters and other components that are a mixture of non-ferrous metals and steel.

We send the purchased raw materials in the form of metals to final customers throughout Europe and Asia, who process them into high-quality materials, which are in turn purchased by manufacturers.

Non-ferrous metals group:

Types of non-ferrous metals:

Buying up non-ferrous metals - price

Buying prices for non-ferrous metals depend on the euro exchange rate, the price of the metal on the LME (London Metal Exchange), the type of scrap, the metal, its alloy and the market situation.

Depending on changes in the price of metals on the LME, the scrap price list may change even several times a day, so call our salesman to check the current price list. When selling larger quantities of scrap, it is possible to secure the metal price (commodity SWAP).

We have a spectrometer at our site to determine the alloy and type of scrap delivered.

For regular suppliers, upon signing a contract, we are able to provide a wide range of containers for the storage and collection of scrap metal such as containers, gitterboxes, big bags, others.

Which non-ferrous metals?

The core business of RMC Polska Sp. z o.o. is the purchase and sale of non-ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals are metals that are non-magnetic, non-corrosive and their price is significantly higher than steel scrap.

Our main customers are scrap metal collectors and manufacturing companies. We also buy non-ferrous metals from private individuals.

Our yard in Kunice is located close to the A2 motorway and the S3 motorway, which significantly improves the logistical efficiency of our suppliers and customers.

Whether you are buying or selling non-ferrous metals, contact us.

Non-ferrous metals - curiosities

Coloured metals such as copper, bronze, gold and aluminium appear to have different colours, but these are the result of interaction with light radiation. Copper, for example, is known for its distinctive red colour, but if it is exposed to air, it slowly begins to darken, forming various shades of brown and greenish-grey patches. This phenomenon is the result of the formation of a copper oxide layer on the surface of the metal.
Copper is known for its distinctive red colour, but over time it can change its appearance. The ageing process of copper involves a gradual change in its colour to darker shades of brown or greenish-grey. This phenomenon is particularly noticeable on the roofs and envelopes of churches that are covered with copper. The cause is the reaction of copper with atmospheric gases and the formation of a layer of oxides and sulphides.
Aluminium is a lightweight metal that has many uses,
But one of the most significant is its role in aviation. When the Wright brothers built their first aircraft, they used the
of aluminium to reduce weight and increase performance. With its low weight and good tensile strength, aluminium has become a common material in aircraft construction and is now used in many other aerospace applications, from aircraft fuselages to wings and engines.