Manganese steel purchase

We buy scrap manganese steel

At RMC Polska Sp. z o.o. we buy scrap manganese steel.

Manganese steel otherwise known as Hadfield steel belongs to the group of alloy steels. It is a material that is characterised by high wear resistance and is mainly used in the mining industry.

At the scrap metal yard, we most often come across scrap metal from mines, quarries or secondary raw material processing plants. The scrap we buy is most often encountered in the form of: tracks, hammers from hammer mills, liners from mills, "bells" from quarries
and mines. In most cases, manganese steel scrap has a high weight and is often very coarse.

Because manganese steel is not magnetic and contains elements undesirable to steel mills, this type of scrap cannot be sold to steel mills that buy scrap steel.

Use of manganese steel:

Manganese steel purchase - price

At RMC Polska Sp. z o.o., we buy manganese steel with min. 11% manganese and max. 1% chromium.

The scrap we buy must be 1000/500/200 mm in size.

We have attractive prices for scrap with the above parameters. The current scrap price list for manganese steel is available from our dealers.

The purchase of manganese steel is always carried out on the basis of an analysis of the chemical composition. Depending on the alloy composition, the scrap has a different price.

We use two grades of manganese steel depending on the chemical composition:

Manganese steel - interesting facts

Manganese steel is used in the manufacture of prison grilles, which is why we can meet it with the name 'prison steel'.
Manganese steel has a relatively low Curie temperature, which means that it loses its magnetic properties at a relatively low temperature. This is useful in some applications, such as the manufacture of magnets.
Manganese steel is widely used in the cement industry for the manufacture of crushers and ball mills ball mills, which are essential for crushing raw materials in the process of cement production.