Waste paper collection

We buy all waste
of paper and cardboard

We collect waste paper from shops, schools, offices and offices. We collect post-production waste paper and cardboard
from printers, factories and companies in Legnica and the surrounding area.
We issue waste transfer notes. On request, we provide confirmation of recovery and recycling (DPO, DPR).

Types of waste paper:

Where can you find us?

We carry out our purchase at the Legnica branch located in Kunice.
We also collect waste paper with our own transport at the customer's request.
Waste paper collection

Waste paper - curiosities

Thermal paper, which is used in cash registers and payment terminals, is usually not recyclable due to its the chemical content of heat-sensitive substances. Therefore, its recycling is more challenging.
Recovered paper is often used to produce paper commodity paper such as cardboard boxes and packaging. Recycling this type of paper paper helps to reduce packaging waste.
Recycling one tonne of waste paper saves saves approximately 17 trees, 7 000 litres of water and 4 100 kWh of energy.