Tin purchase

We buy all types of tin

In addition to basic non-ferrous metals, RMC Polska Sp. z o.o. also provides also purchases tin.

Tin is a metal which, due to its low melting point and malleable properties, was already readily used in the early Middle Ages to make everyday objects.

Today, thanks to the properties of tin, it is used, among other things, for soldering and coating metal surfaces as an anti-corrosive agent.

We buy tin scrap in various alloys: tin with silver, tin with copper, tin with lead.

Types of tin scrap:

tin purchase


Tin is purchased at scrap yards in quantities of 1 kg or more. Material is rarely found in the form of scrap due to its value and its widespread use. The most common is tin
in the form of tin tin bars, tin sticks and soldering wire.

tin with silver

Tin with silver

We purchase tin with silver in the form of tailings, efflorescence and welds. In the case of SnAg alloys, we pay for both tin and silver on the basis of established price formulas based on the LME.

Scrap tin buying - price

When buying tin, we determine the tin content of the delivered scrap using a spectrometer. The spectrometer allows us to determine the percentage of tin in the alloy and thus the price of the tin scrap.

The purchase price of tin is determined on the basis of the tin content of the alloy, the current tin quotations on the LME and the euro exchange rate. Based on these three components, we determine the final tin price.
Unlike other scrap, we mainly buy tin scrap by the few or a dozen kilos.

If you use tin in the manufacture of your various products we also retail tin scrap.

Tin - curiosities

Tin has a relatively low melting point, of approximately 232°C. It is therefore relatively easy to processing and soldering.
The world's largest tin deposits are located in Indonesia, China, Thailand, Bolivia, Malaysia, Russia, Brazil, Myanmar and Australia. Tin has also been found in Poland. Trace amounts of tin-bearing deposits have been found in Gierczyn and in the Sudety Mountains, near Czarnów, Miedzianka and Stara Góra.